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Old Navy Return Policy & Refund | A Complete Guide [2024]

When it comes to shopping, the excitement of finding just the right item can sometimes be tempered by the reality that it might not work out as planned. Whether it’s the fit, the color, or simply a change of heart, knowing the return policy of a retailer is crucial before making a purchase. In this article, we’ll get into Old Navy return policy, including refunds and exchanges, to ensure you’re fully informed on how to navigate returns smoothly and efficiently. Old Navy, a popular clothing and accessories retailer, offers a comprehensive return policy that caters to the needs of its customers, ensuring that if something isn’t quite right, there’s a way to make it better.

Store NameOld Navy
Return Window30 days from the date of purchase or shipping date, with extended periods for holiday purchases.
Refund ProcessRefunds are issued to the original form of payment or as store credit.
Exchange PolicyExchanges for different sizes, colors, or styles are allowed if the product is in original condition.
Return MethodsIn-store or Online.
Customer ServiceAvailable through Old Navy's website, in-store, or by contacting their customer service hotline.

Old Navy Return Policy

Old Navy return policy is customer-friendly, which is designed to be straightforward and hassle-free. The policy allows you to return or exchange items within 30 days of purchase or the shipping date, which provides ample time to decide if your purchase meets your expectations.

During the holiday season, Old Navy often extends this period, offering even more flexibility for holiday shopping. Understanding these key points can help you shop with confidence, knowing that Old Navy has a clear and accommodating policy for returns and exchanges.

How to Return Items?

In-Store Returns

If you’ve made your purchase directly from an Old Navy store, returning items is a breeze. Simply bring the items you wish to return to any Old Navy location, making sure you have the original receipt and that the items are in their original condition. The staff at the store will guide you through the process, ensuring a smooth and straightforward return or exchange.

Online Returns

For those who prefer the convenience of online shopping, Old Navy return policy is equally simple. Items purchased online can be returned by mail using the free return shipping label provided by Old Navy or returned directly to any Old Navy store. To return by mail, just pack the items securely, attach the provided shipping label, and drop off the package at any location that accepts the carrier listed on the label. For in-store returns, the process is similar to returning in-store purchases: bring the items along with the invoice to any Old Navy store.

No-Receipt Returns

Old Navy understands that sometimes receipts get lost. If you find yourself in this situation, don’t worry. Old Navy allows returns without a receipt, subject to verification. A valid photo ID may be required, and the refund will be processed at the item’s current selling price, typically in the form of store credit.

Refund Process

Refunds at Old Navy are issued to the original form of payment whenever possible. If the original payment method is unavailable, a store credit will be provided. Refunds are processed promptly but may take a billing cycle to appear on your statement.

For online returns, the refund will include the cost of the item and any applicable taxes, but original shipping charges are non-refundable unless the return is due to an error on Old Navy’s part.

Exchange Policy

Exchanging an item at Old Navy is just as straightforward as returning one. In-store purchases can be directly exchanged at any store location.

For online orders, you can either exchange them in-store or return the item by mail and place a new order. This ensures you get the replacement item quickly and without hassle.

Special Conditions and Exceptions

Not everything at Old Navy can be returned or exchanged. There are a few exceptions to be aware of, such as final sale items which cannot be returned or exchanged once purchased. Additionally, some items may have specific return conditions, so it’s wise to check the details on your receipt or Old Navy’s official website.

Extended return periods are also offered for holiday purchases and specific items like back-to-school uniforms, giving customers additional flexibility during these busy shopping periods. It’s a thoughtful gesture that acknowledges the unique shopping needs during these times.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

Can I return a gift without a receipt?

Yes, Old Navy allows the return of gift items without a receipt, typically issuing a store credit for the item’s current selling price.

What if my item is defective?

Old Navy stands by the quality of their products. If you discover a defect after purchase, you can return the item for a refund or exchange regardless of its wear.

How do I handle returns for online orders with multiple items?

For online orders containing multiple items, you can return any individual items following the standard return process. There’s no need to return the entire order if only part of it didn’t work out.


Understanding Old Navy return policy can make your shopping experience worry-free. With clear guidelines for returns, refunds, and exchanges, you can shop confidently, knowing you have options if your purchase doesn’t meet your expectations. Remember to check the most current return policy on Old Navy’s website, as policies can update or vary. Happy shopping, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re supported by a customer-friendly return policy.

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